Information to Share

      Check the news for testing sites and times. STAY HEALTHY!
      Please continue to be vigilant in following safe practices, as we navigate through this time of             COVID-19. Wear a mask whenever you go outside. Follow the 20 second hand washing                   recommendation, use hand sanitizer and/or wear gloves. Use disinfectant per the label                   directions to clean common surfaces. Call to check on loved ones.
    • Philadelphia Corporation of Aging is delivering free groceries to Seniors. Call 215-765-9040.
    • Unemployment Information
       - Go online to <> to apply
       - PA Teleclaim 1-888-255-4728 ( Add this number to your contacts. Some phone providers consider "888"                   numbers as spam and may block them from contacting you.)
       - Self employed and 1099 contract workers will be eligible for the Pandemic Unemployment Insurance.



       - Recycling has changed to an every other week schedule in the city.